What if we create a container for how we want to be for the year that will support the things we want to do?

More and more each day, it seems to me that what 'they' say is true.

Life is chock full of lessons and experiences that are meant to bring us more fully into our authenticity and healing. IF we are willing to hold space for them with curiosity and compassion, we level up. WOOHOO XP Points! And we do it as best we can with the tools and wisdom we've gained along the way, without judging others or ourselves, and without blaming or attempting to find blame. That's the goal, anyway.

This beautiful TED Talk was forwarded on to me recently - and it opened my heart to a tru...


...does not move

...does not shift or change

...does not leave

...is unconditional no matter what the behaviour

...does not question

...is not fickle

...heals our wounds and trauma

...does not judge

...does not fear

...is constant

We all have our favourite esoteric tools and guides - be it oracle decks, pendulums, spiritual readings, numerology, astrology or the likes. 

Every once in a while the sun, moon, stars and planets have my attention. Today is one such time. 

My friend and expert astrologer/numerologist, Michael O'Connor, offers monthly updates that provides brief and poignant astrological guidance and has given me permission to share. Below are some insights for the coming weeks until end of August. May it help guide you along your way. 

For a reading with...

There’s something to be said for waiting.

Sometimes it’s good, because ya know, Patience is my jam.
And sometimes it’s not so good, because waiting can disguise itself as procrastination, self-care, naps, etc, etc.

But waiting to give your gift (or gifts) to the world, well, that’s just unfair.

Your purpose in life is to share your gifts.

Your purpose in life is to be exactly who you are, in this moment, and if you find something that’s not working for you, change it.

Your purpose in life is to be assertive and authentic in your relationships (not passive or aggress...

Some days it's hard not to react to another person's fear. Some days it's tough figuring out where to invest our energy, money and support.

This video offers some suggestions on how to find a little stability in the chaos. Enjoy!

Sometimes we get ‘triggered’ by other people’s comments or viewpoints.

What can we do to create some understanding instead of animosity and angst?

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