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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach


Hello Monday

Silence between thoughts

For me, when Monday arrives it's a new beginning. A new week. A clean slate.

I was born on a Monday, and weirdly, this day contains a potent energy and invitation to express my creative Self.

Each moment is an opportunity for change and transformation, and I am more and more aware that the choices and actions I make, in the present moment, are what matter. Perhaps today's writing might empower you to consider pausing from the bustle of life, and create a quiet moment for contemplation.

Have you ever taken an inventory of your life?


As we near the end of yet another year - and what a freaking wild ride it's been! - it may behoove you to review and remember that life changes along the way.

Invitation: do a review of what you've done, not done, and want to do. Make three columns, and a bullet list of them all.

What would you celebrate?

What are you proud of?

How do you feel these things?

Can you let go of the guilt for what you didn't do?

Or would you like to make some space to start doing it?

Are you dreaming and planning for what is still on the table to do?

What are those dreams and plans?

Do you actually WANT to do it? Is it time to release some things on that list and make space for other dreams? What else do you want to dream into your life?


So many questions for a Monday, eh?


With curiosity comes change.

What happens when you read the questions? What do you feel inside?

Is it a good time for you to sit for 20 minutes and answer the questions now? Tonight? Tomorrow? Maybe in December?

Be brave and set aside some time. You might be surprised.


Next, how about doing an inventory of the people you're walking with at present?

Check inside when you consider each person's energy, and ask yourself, are you compatible with them?

Do they match with who you are today? Do your values align?

Does this friendship/relationship satisfy you?

Or is there any frustration or a drain of energy after you've spent time together? There's no right or wrong answers. Only your truth.


I've worked through these questions often over the years, and it has been a worthy investment of my time.

The answers help me collect data to make new and different choices based on who I am today.

They support me in looking where remorse and/or repair is needed.

They offer insights into my life learning and lessons in my own growth and development.

They give me guidance toward living authentically.


What I know for certain is that over time, I come to appreciate each person I've walked with - whether short or long term, and I've learned more about myself through each relationship.

There is enormous gratitude for the people walking with me now.

No matter how much time goes by between conversations - no matter whether we can be in the same room or on Zoom - there is deep appreciation for the acceptance, connection, love, and support we share.

My 'soul's sense' of just HOW meaningful these relationships are cannot be described, yet there is a profound feeling of 'something' beautiful inside.

With all the Self reflections these last few years, I’m pleased to say my life is full of magic.

I'm blessed with incredible amounts of love and connection with my life partner, my young adult children and the incredibly courageous people I am surrounded by who bravely reach for their authenticity and wear it like a hat. Sometimes on, sometimes off. Always willing to try it on. And it fills my soul to the brim.

Lastly, there is something to be brought forward about the inner work I have engaged with.

Looking closely at my life has shown me that both Grief and Gratitude walk with me in the healing moments.

Grief comes with the fresh perspectives of what I could not see before, and cannot change.

The gift of Gratitude appears after seeing it and acknowledging it with self-compassion and self-acceptance.

And whole lot of love for the parts of me that share their stories.

I write today to remind myself, (and possibly you) that there is hope, kindness and love waiting for me - from my Self to my Self, and also from others. It all heals my heart and brings parts of my soul back into the fold.

My prayers and wishes for you:

May you walk a beautiful walk today and beyond.

May you speak the truth of your heart.

May you notice the gifts of learning from all the relationships (past and present) that you encounter.

May you be genuinely connected and welcoming of the friends and family ties that align, and find the courage to distance your Self from those that don't.

May you honour your intuition and gut feelings, trusting that they know the way into the unknown.

May the glass be half full, with a garnish of curiosity to keep it fresh and light.

May your authenticity shine through more and more each day.

And may you give and receive Love with generosity, as we walk each other to the edge of life.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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