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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach


This Weird Life

There’s truth in this

Weird way of being

we label


It seems a journey

worthy of my the time

to experience the uncharted terrain

to get ‘home’ again.

Whatever that means.

So far it’s been a path of healing

and acceptance.

To land gently into my heart

and walk with temperance

in the mystery of what I’ll discover next

about who I am.

Welcoming fresh excitement around what and

who I am brave enough to love.

And even where I find My Self


Suddenly the door opens to an adventurous

whim by the ocean

Or on an island in guest abodes

Or crafting and decorating for a sweet child’s 9th surprise birthday

Or dining solo and being observed like an infamous food critic at a local high end eatery.

I swallow it all

As I embrace this




of being human.

I have some knowing now

of what it is for me to

Surrender, and surrender

Over and over

In the moment to the mystery

And the Unknown.

Courage, Fear, Grief, Love

are my willing companions.

Not always in that order

of which I do not and cannot


Although there were numerous intentions

dreamed in with many moons.

Each held with an open hand

for some small secret curious wishes to appear.

And with delight, some did.

It’s no simple feat

Allowing the felt sense of satisfying contentment

to wash through my body


I do love this landscape of

Just Being Me


Yes, it is a wild work in progress.


Yet currently

With gratitude

Open wings

And light ahead

It is the juicy


Of my ordinary





~ Marielle


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