Who Am I and How Did I Get Here?

Soul Coach is a term I coined many years ago. About 17+ years in fact.

A friend of mine described my work back then as a 'coach for the human soul'.


And it stuck.


It describes an integration of a traditional professional life coach with holistic methodologies, intuitive skills and spiritual evolution. It is the sum total of my life experience, study and training in various subjects and philosophies, including CTI Life Coaching, the Compassionate Inquiry Approach, PSYCH-K®, Holoenergetics, Reiki, Human Design, The Gene Keys, Shamanism, and my own personal/spiritual development and exploration. 

What is the basis of my work as a Soul Coach? 

We all ‘know’ that we have a purpose. We may have a desire to serve or be of service. We long to know why we are here.  Each individual is special, unique and important. The great game is to become aware of your gifts and step into who you really are, as your authentic Self. It takes time to learn and engage in a journey of self-discovery, to appreciate the Whole being that we are.


My “work” as a Soul Coach is to be a guide on your life path. It serves you to design your most authentic, joyful and awesome life. Each coaching session incorporates a variety of experiences and unique to what you bring.


It's time for YOU to take the driver’s seat and change your life.

Over the years, I've learned to remove the unwanted patterns and heal the subconscious beliefs that kept me small, and to transform the negative self-talk through ceremony and subconscious re-programming.  With practice, I've been able to nurture a unique connection with energy - it's that relationship that is used in my work to strike at underlying core issues.

Now, as an Intuitive Soul Coach and Shamanic Practitioner, carrying a medicine bag filled with wonderful transformational tools, I am here to serve and help you discover your beautiful, innate brilliance. It is a privilege to help you shine your light. 


At the heart of it, I am here to hold space for you. 

My commitment is to honour the sacred nature of your personal journey, with compassionate inquiry and empathy. To speak to the parts that are hiding in the shadows.  To shine light on the blindspots so you may rise from the shadows.


I love working with people who are committed to a path of living life with freedom, grace and so much joy.  I encourage celebrations and humour along the way, doused with raw honesty!  


Helping you become MORE of YOU is our journey together.

I’ll leave you with that for now.  

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Marielle @ Soulcoach.ca   Vancouver, BC

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