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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach


Dear Love

Elizabeth Gilbert has this beautiful ritual, called Letters from Love. I've been doing them for some time, and once in a while something comes through that feels it was meant to be shared. Here's a recent one. I hope it helps a little along the way.

Dear Love,
What would you like me to know about mistakes?

Sweet Mo,

Mistakes are the tapestry of life.

Without them, we’d be bored and unprepared for uncertainty.

Without them we cannot know who we are, and who we are not.

There is no one that can tell us when,

or what will happen before or after a mistake has occurred. 

There are no words that will ease the discomfort of living through it.

It is only afterwards, in the time given to contemplation,

in the reflection of what we experienced in our minds,

in our feelings, and in our bodies...

...that we can then pull out the threads of learning

of gold and silver, and royal blue and kelly green.

Dear One,

You have never made a mistake that didn’t become a beautiful aspect of YOU, sewn into the tapestry of Your life.

We cannot afford to not make mistakes.

We can see them as good or as horrific.

We choose to believe what we choose to believe.

Only in the aftermath can we come back

to our true Self, and gently say hello to the shame and guilt,

which makes room to love ourselves once again.

As always,



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