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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach


What Happens When You Are Open To Magic?

These days I have been noticing that the quirky, weird moments that 'click' far outweigh the moments that don't.

I can't explain why or how it happens, but it leaves me with childlike wonder and awe. Situations unfold or words are spoken that have more significance than not.

In these brief cracks in time, I have a choice.

I can be open to the magic being offered to me, OR I can explain it away with logic, practicality and science, sprinkled with healthy skepticism (which of course is important) and some common statement like, "That was such a weird coincidence!"

Or I can accept it - as a gift.

These days I’m definitely more apt to say ‘holy sh!t that was crazy!’ and thank the magic for appearing. It’s a joy to welcome the great mystery and wonder of life’s journey.


Because in January of 2020 life hit an all-time low. My identity disintegrated and the foundation of my life crumbled. Life took a turn I didn’t expect. It wasn’t in my control.

The healing journey was more intense and deserves more words than I can share in this post. For a whole year, and more, during the roller coaster of traumatic events, there were also moments of WTF as I experienced situations straight out of a movie. Moments of utter disbelief. Moments of crystal clear knowing. Moments of awe as life unfolded through pain and sudden awakenings to a reality that was always there. It was just hidden in plain sight.

And instead of cursing those moments - they turned into magical ones that have continued but they contain more joy, especially in reconnecting with old friends, retrieving fragments of my Self and re-building my container for life. It’s all come with pleasant surprises and the delightful shock of so many streams aligning.

I am now enjoying the flow of these synchronized events and it’s sooooo much fun!!!

How often do you brush away coincidences?

Are there surprises along the way that you don't acknowledge yet something inside says ‘HEY, it’s important to pay attention to this’?

What do you do when a number of synchronicities appear over and over and then joy and even abundance follows?

I promise that looking for magic moments in your day can be one of the keys to loving and living a wonderful and joy filled life.

I dare you to see life through a new lens. I invite you to celebrate and allow in the curiosity of magic that appears in ‘wtf’ moments, to let your emotions lead you and love life with more and more reverence. It’s time. 😉

May your days be filled with curiosity, wonder and mystery - and may you watch the world around you unfold through the eyes of childlike wonderment.


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