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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach


What are you waiting for?

There’s something to be said for waiting.

Sometimes it’s good, because ya know, Patience is my jam. And sometimes it’s not so good, because waiting can disguise itself as procrastination, self-care, naps, etc, etc.

But waiting to give your gift (or gifts) to the world, well, that’s just unfair.

Your purpose in life is to share your gifts.

Your purpose in life is to be exactly who you are, in this moment, and if you find something that’s not working for you, change it.

Your purpose in life is to be assertive and authentic in your relationships (not passive or aggressive) and hold true to your principles, while giving and receiving love.

Your purpose in life is to not give a shit about anyone else’s opinion, because in fact, it’s none or your business.

Your purpose in life is to life your life purpose.

If you don’t know what that is, then get on it.

Find friends who will be ruthlessly, compassionately honest with you and tell you the truth. They’ll see things you can’t. You’ve got to shed light on the blindspots that hide your amazing light.

Dig deep inside and stop pretending.

Do things that fill you with pleasure.

Share your gifts with the world. OWN IT.

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