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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach



Every year I look back at what’s happened, what’s transpired, and what I can celebrate. 2020 was literally the year that we were so startled by, and in ways we never thought possible. Life sure looks different.

Amongst the chaos, I found that my soul was asking for more. She wanted to explore the type of container for which all actions, choices and experiences would be held. What is the landscape for the STORY that will be written this year?

With the Winter Solstice and the New Moon landing on December 25th, I knew it would serve me well to describe the qualities that would be the backdrop for the intentions and commitments I would choose. I wrote these in my journal. A few days later, I had some friends ask me what I felt was going to be important to focus on and bring forward as we go into the new year. What a perfect opportunity to share!

Here's what I know for sure...

  • I will be asking myself more questions than ever before.

Questions like:

Is this really mine to do? Does it speak to my heart?

Am I loving the choice I'm making and does it feel really good inside me?

Is this a priority or am I choosing this under obligation?

  • I will to reach out and offer my heart to others. I will listen, deeply, with compassion and an open mind, because for some reason it feels like the intensity of healing is going to amp up "a little" in 2020.I will be aware of my natural and authentic Presence in each moment; be my SELF in ways that are uncomfortable yet healing, by allowing myself to FEEL it all in the body, before my mind takes it over.

  • It's time to unleash my Creativity - in ALL ways, shapes and forms. To welcome in the Creative expression that satisfies the little one inside of me, so it can embrace a deep sense of satisfaction with each step of the project, to my heart and soul.

  • There is a desire to Embrace myself - unapologetically- by expressing my authentic Self. What this means is that I will say yes when I want to say yes, and I will say no when my heart and body say no, and I'll be as guilt-free as I can be, and love mySELF no matter what. I will not take it personally if someone balks at my no, or groans at my yes. The choices will come from within and I am the only one responsible for them..

  • Forgiveness, consistently and compassionately: Forgive people, for they may not know what they don't know. And I will forgive myself, for what I did not know. I will learn from those mistakes. And give myself space to hold myself and others with compassion, an open heart and with silent reverence for the journey we all walk.

  • We all have a finite amount of time on earth. I will use that time consciously and wisely. AND I'll have fun.

My sense is this: If I keep these in front of every decision and choice I make, then instead of failed resolutions and goals, I will use my time to BE who I am while I'm DOing the things that I want.

What is YOUR landscape? What ways of BEing are you going to bring in to create the container of your life?

If this calls to you - steal it - use it - and play with it ALL you want. The more of us that are grabbing onto our authenticity and living from our hearts, the better the world will be, the more loving our relationships will feel, and the stronger our connection to our beautiful, unique Self we will have.

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