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Marielle Soong
Soul Coach


Why speak the truth?

More and more each day, it seems to me that what 'they' say is true.

Life is chock full of lessons and experiences that are meant to bring us more fully into our authenticity and healing. IF we are willing to hold space for them with curiosity and compassion, we level up. WOOHOO XP Points! And we do it as best we can with the tools and wisdom we've gained along the way, without judging others or ourselves, and without blaming or attempting to find blame. That's the goal, anyway.

This beautiful TED Talk was forwarded on to me recently - and it opened my heart to a truth that has been bubbling inside of me.

That connection, communication, compassion and an open heart is what we really need these days. And Truth.

Every human being is walking around with untold stories and relational trauma that much of the time disguises itself through anger, addiction, physical illness, depression, and so many more 'labels' that it's impossible to name them all. All we want is to feel heard as we speak our truth. The interesting thing is this - the more I do that, the more authenticity grows inside me. I feel more free and more at home in my body, with my emotions, and in the world.

With all that I am FEELing these days, especially when sharing what is inside of me, what I know for sure is that so many emotions arise. Sometimes my stomach is in knots. Sometime there's grief, anger or even incredible joy. When I'm able to hold my Self with love and compassion during those moments of overwhelming emotion, the more confident I become in my own skin and the more I can do the same with others.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did...... sending love your way ❤️

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